Nail Art For Party


Are you going to a party tonight and want to give your nails a different look? Here is the best option for you; a beautiful nail art for party. All you need is to have a tape, scissors, three colors of nail polishes and you are all set to decorate your nails.

Nail art


Your first step is to paint your nails with a base coat. Preferably a dark color. We have used a pink.


Your second step is to cut three equal triangles of the tape. Remember that these should be measured 1/3rd of your  nails.


In the third step, stick the tape leaving 1/3rd of your upper nail free. This will cover the pink area and protect it from staining from other nail color you will use.




Party nail arts


You have to paint the excluded area with a dark color which can be usually black, blue or red in the step four.


In step five you have to repeat the third step but only for the recently painted area and not on the base coat.


Paint the top of your nail with a glittering color to add the glamour for the party in step six.



This was the easy nail art for party which is also a  do it yourself  nail arts at home. Let your nails be creative this party.


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