Polka Dots Nail Art


polka dots nail artWelcome to another tutorial of polka dots nail art. This is a very easy to do nail art for beginners and looks amazing on everyone.

Lets see what we need for this super cute polka dots nail art.

A dotting tool

Pink and white color nail polishes

A tape for dividing

Steps To Do Polka Dots Nail Art

Apply the base coat to your nails. In this case white. Let it dry completely and once it dries, stick a tape covering the upper side of your nail diagonally.

Paint the open part of your nail pink. Remove the tape once it dries.

Using the dotting tool make polka dots on the while portion with pink color.

If you want it to last longer top coat it with a transparent nail polish.

Your easy polka dots nail art is ready. Wasn’t it easy and quick?


Post by- Sana


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