Pregnancy Stages – Symptoms – Signs


Pregnancy has got many stages which the mother goes through for almost 40 weeks. Each pregnancy stage shows different symptoms and signs. A mother is a mother is a mother, so special from the others. A woman feels complete when she becomes a mother. Of course being a mother is not so easy. A woman has to suffer a lot to reproduce. It is not as simple as just being pregnant and delivering a baby after 9 months. Pregnancy has got many stages which the mother goes through. Let us give a look.

Pregnancy last about around 40 weeks. It varies from woman to woman. It is counted from the first day of your last period. These weeks are grouped into 3 trimesters. First trimester is from week 1 – week 12. During this first trimester you face many changes in your body and mind as well. You get to know about your pregnancy in this trimester only. You miss your regular period is the clear sign of you being pregnant. Many hormonal changes occur during this period. Many changes are seen which of course again differ from woman to woman.



Every lady’s experience is different during pregnancy. You may feel nausea. You may vomit even. There are few ladies who vomitted almost every day for the first 3 months. They cannot bear some particular smells even. Some may feel very tired. You will feel swollen breasts. Some might have stomach pain or the morning sickness. You may develop choices in food like you may feel like eating some food item desperately and some you do not even wish to see in front of your eyes. It sounds strange but it happens. There may be some serious mood swings during pregnancy. Your relatives, friends and specially your spouse should try to understand you during such conditions. You may get irritated fast or become short tempered.

During pregnancy you need to urinate very often. You will not be able to control it. Sometimes you may have constipation also. Many women have some dental problem during pregnancy which cannot be treated that time. You are not even supposed to take high antibiotics during pregnancy. Even later you have to take care till you feed your baby. Your body weight starts gaining fast now. Your tummy is now showing slowly. The problems like nausea and all may go away automatically during second trimester.

Second trimester is 4-6 months that is 13-28 weeks. Baby starts growing fast now. At the end of this stage, your baby will start moving in your womb. You will feel on top of the world to feel your child’s very first movements. This is what fathers always miss. You will feel heavy and will not be able to walk fast. Your legs may ache. You cannot stand in one position for a longer time. You may start with back pain. Stretch marks will start appearing on your tummy. The skin around nipples will darken day by day. You may feel where my beauty is going. You will find a line starting from your belly button towards your pubic hairline. It will become prominent till end. Abdomen starts itching a lot.

Third trimester is weeks 29-40. This is the last and most important stage of your pregnancy. You need to be very careful. Weight put on very much. Tummy goes on increasing very rapidly now. Most of the women get swelling on the body. Baby is developing very fast putting high pressure on your organs. You may have sleepless nights.



As your due date is coming nearer, your cervix becomes thinner and softer. In this way at 4 weeks baby’s brain, spinal cord and heart begins to form. At the end of 8 weeks baby starts looking like human. At 12 weeks gender can be specified. At 16 weeks skin begins to form. At 20 weeks eyebrows, eyelashes and nails form. In this way slowly your baby develops completely. At the time of birth your baby weighs 6-9 pounds ideally.

– Anshu Mundada

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