Qikkwit Syntax Highlighter Csharp WordPress Plugin


Qikkwit provides you with C Sharp Syntax Highlighter Plugin for your WordPress blog. Do you run a wordpress blog on C#.net then this is the plugin you would want to use. Its easy, it works and its simple.

Install and activate plugin to start using it straight away. No settings, no complexity .. Its easy to use.

How to use ??

Just wrap you code in following tags.

<pre class=”brush: csharp”></pre>




<pre class=”brush: csharp”>

using System.Data;
public class MyClass





using System.Data;
public static class MyClass
     int a = 0;

How to and where to download plugin from?

Click Here Download Qikkwit Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin for C Sharp


How to install Qikkwit Syntax Highlighter?

1. Just download and extract folder into wp-contents/plugins folder of your blog.

2. Activate it from installed plugins menu.



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