Shivanasamudra – Gaganachukki – Waterfalls near Bangalore – Mysore


The Shivanasamudra falls alternatively known as Gaganachukki waterfalls is great weekend place around Bangalore and Mysore. The Shivanasamudra Falls are on the Kaveri River with gaps of few kms after the river makes its way through the rocks and ravines of the Deccan Plateau and drops off to form waterfalls. This place has one of the first Hydro Power Plant and now also has 5 MW solar power plant. Best time to visit is through Monsoon i.e. July – October.




This is a segmented waterfall and it is wide and provide a great view. Its’s a misconception that right side of the fall is called Bharachukki waterfall. You can not go to base of the fall in Gaganachukki. Shivanasamudra fall has paid entrance and is protected by Forest Department of Karnataka.



Located about 150 km from Bangalore and 40 km from Mysore this is great weekend spots. Lots of eateries available around the spots as well as parking space. You can enjoy nature at its purest form on the way.

How to get to Shivanasamudra Gaganachukki falls: It will take around 3-4 hours to reach this magnivercant waterfall.

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You can see the fall by yourself:

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