SIP Conference basics


·         Conference:

1.       Three or more participants
2.       Media can be added and removed
3.       Policy can be set for conf
4.       Types
a.       Standard (Ad-hoc meaning on the fly)
                                                               i.      You have to call participants to add them to conference
1.       You can dial
2.       You can join existing call
3.       You can join call on shared line and make it standard conference
4.       Unsecure
b.      MeetMe
                                                               i.      Participants can join in by dialing themselves
1.       MeetMe can continue even if host leaves
2.       Once host enters then only conf is established
3.       They sometimes have time limit
4.       Secured with auth code
5.       Focus: it is a unit that hosts conference
a.       Each conferencehas a dedicated focus
b.      A call to conference factory URI creates conference and focus
c.       Is addressed by URI
d.      Maintains signaling and media check to all participants
e.      Sets and maintains policy
6.       Mixer: Who mixes all media as per type
7.       For more info see

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