SmartBlock – Android App for Blocking calls


Hi All,

Here is my first android app to help you block unwanted calls and SMS. It’s very easy to use and very effective.



The first drop down will list last 10 calls and 10 SMS.

You can add number pattern to block in second text box.

E.g. 1 +1401 so all calls with +1401 will be blocked.

E.g. 2 DM-0 will block all SMS coming from DM-01234 or DM-03456 etc.

2nd drop down will show all the blocked numbers.

Add button will add the pattern if you have entered any or selected item from call/SMS log to blocked list.

Remove button will remove the selected number of blocked list from the blocked list.

Refresh button will refresh call log, deleted SMS and blocked list.

List on the bottom will show text of last 10 blocked SMSes.

Hope you like the app. Do send me your suggestions.

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