Sweet Messages To Send To Your Crush


Do you often wonder what are the sweet messages to send to your crush? We have found some amazing messages to send to your crush which will make them smile.

These messages show your keenness and eagerness in knowing them as well as your interest in a relationship with them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s see some great sweet messages to send to your crush.

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Sweet Messages To Send To Your Crush

*Morning sleephead…Hope you have a great day…:)

*I have a very serious issue…Can’t stop thinking about you..<3

*I am looking for a WANTED man/ woman!
Who stole my HEART!

*I like the way you say my name.

*Why do I miss you? Because u make me smile. U are so kind. U are so sweet. U are funny. And most of all, because u are not texting me any more. That’s Y.

 sweet messages to send to your crush

*I thought the sun just rose when you walked in, because you just lit up the entire room!

*My feeling for you is exactly comparable to a copied assignment, I can’t explain it!

* I hate to see the clock…Its’ every tick reminds me of how long I needed to wait until you’ll be back.

* Missing you is the least thing that I want to feel…But when I think of it, I love the way it makes me feel loving you more.

* Yes I am the beauty and you are my Beast!

These sweet messages will definitely bring a smile on your crush’s face. Do try them and let us know…


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