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Talakad temple town around Bangalore and Mysore lies within sands gathered by Kaveri river due to sharp turn around Talakadu town. Its a desert town which was previously a vibrant city, now under meters of sand. Lots of holy temples like Kirtinarayana temple and Vaidyeshvara temple are being restored from sand dunes.



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How to reach Talakadu: Talakadu is around 35 km from Mysore and around 140 km from Bangalore. Generally trip to Talakadu is combined with Somanathpura Temple and Shivanasamudra waterfalls. From Bangalore it will take around 3 hours to reach.

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History about Talakad:

Its name was derived from two Kirāta twin brothers, Tala and Kādu, who, cutting down a tree which they saw wild elephants worshiping, discovered that it contained an image of shiva, and that the elephants were rishis transformed. The tree being miraculously restored, all obtained mōksha and the place was named Tala-kādu, which was translated into Sanskrit as Dala-vana.

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