9 Things Wise Partners Never Do in Relationships


You must have heard about healthy and happy relationships for a hundred times. You must

have seen at least few incredibly happy and loving couples among your friends or relatives. But are

relationships given only by accident or maybe they need a careful and considered approach? Indeed,

it is not all about feelings. Happy couples stand out from the crowd because they never do things we

are talking about in this article written with the help of experts from amurdate.com.

1. Comparing old relationships to current

The worst partners compare their ex loud, without any shame. But we have to remember that

each of our relationships is different. We meet different people through our lifetime and our partners

are not an exception. Wise couples admire each other’s positive sides and traits that make them


2. Giving up their values and interests

When two people take their relationship to a new level, they supposed to complete each other,

not to merge. No matter what, they remain personalities with their own core values and mindset. In

the opposite cases, they only pretend and don’t feel themselves at all. This may be a source of

satisfaction for the one side, but not for both.

3. Focusing on the negative

Bad things happen and this is natural. Nevertheless, positive moments also appear in our lives

and only they make us happy. Some partners remember only the negative, no matter whether it

concerns their current partner, or their ex, or just some past life experience. Find positive sides in

your life and your couple and it will make the relationships easier and happier for both of you.

4. Despising and disrespecting a partner (and suffer such behavior)

Not a single couple can build healthy relationships on contempt. Not a single person can stand

a disrespect of his or her partner. If your significant one demonstrate such behavior all the time, it is

sick. But you also don’t have to bear this. You will never be happy if one of you don’t respect the


5. Not speaking out

Every couple face some problems in their personal lives, work or family. Wise partners are

always to listen each other and to discuss something that bother them. All relationships need a

conversation. When for some reason you don’t talk more than one day, fix it immediately.

6. Doing everything together

You may deeply in love, give a promise to love each other until the end, and think you will die at

the same time. However, even in a happy relationship you need a personal space. You don’t have to

go shopping together every time, you are free to hang out with your own friends or coworkers if you

want. It may sound cruel, but sometime you will understand that being everywhere close with your

darling is irritating.

7. Not sharing chores

Even the smallest things can save your relationships. Moreover, these everyday things can be a

serious ground for fighting, because they take place more frequently. Wise partners aspire to be a

support for their darlings and help in everyday life.

8. Stop dating

Going on a date is not a prerogative of the singles and fresh couples. One of the biggest

mistakes people make in long lasting relationship is letting the romance die. But the fire needs a fuel

to keep burning. Never stop going out, strolling around some romantic places in your city, dining in

restaurants sometime. Briefly, go on dating, don’t be a slave of the routine.

9. Fighting with no boundaries

Quarrels are normal for couples. In most of cases, they help to fix serious problems and bring

the relationships on a new level of trust. But you also need to know HOW to fight. Reminding old and

not topical problems is the last thing you need to do when fighting. Wise couple always know what

they are fighting about and don’t bring up everything at once. Also, going into a rage never helps

figuring out your problems. Fight reasonably, no matter how weird it sounds.

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