Tips and Advice to Get Over Breakup Depression


This Qikkwit provides tips and advice to get over breakup with your ex and depression that comes due to breakup.

get over your exHow To Move On After A Breakup

Getting over your Ex isn’t easy. It can take months or in some case years, to kill the negative feeling of being apart. One may suffer with anger, frustration or with depression as a result of break-up.

In this article I will share some of the best ways to get over your Ex. Here are the 5 tips which one can use to get over your boyfriend or girlfriend and move on once and for all…

Who broke up? why did you break up? Who was wrong? these questions really does not matter once you have ended the relationship. There is a reason why things did not work out and you cant do anything about it now. Off course you can try to patch-up but  that’s another story.

Here is what you should do to repair your broken heart: turn a page, move on with your life and see God has a beautiful surprise for you out there.

5 Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex

Get Busy

First and foremost, do stuff. Keep yourself busy. Pick up a hobby, work on your career, do some physical exercise, reunite with friends etc. This will clear your mind than thinking just about your broken relationship.

Get Out of the House

Get out of the house as much as possible. Watching T.V or a movie at home wont help you.  Checking your Ex girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s facebook profile will only make your case serious. Call your best buddies and hand out with them. Don’t visit places that remind you of him/her.

Don’t Get Drunk

Put yourself together. Getting drunk to forget about your Ex is the worst thing you can do.That’s what weak people do. You will end up  hooking up with some one whose face you would never want to see again. This will make you feel more depressed and helpless.

how to get over your ex

Accept it

Don’t go insane, accept your breakup. Try to forgive your ex partner and yourself. Remember that forgiveness is the first step to achieve peace of mind. Accept that you both had a wonderful relationship which unfortunately could not be continued.

Don’t Look For A New Person

You just broke up with your Ex. This is the time you should be concentrating to get over him/ her. Think about a fresh start but only after you think you are over with the past. Making a new relationship immediately after a breakup will only make your life miserable.

Take some time to think about your life. A single person also can be happy and this way you could do justice to your new relationship too.

You have to move on in your life having a positive attitude. Paulo Coelho says in one of his books, “When somebody leaves, it’s so that somebody else can arrive.”  Getting over your Ex is really important as the essence of life is to move on no matter what happens. Time will not stop for you, though it definitely has something beautiful in it for you.

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