Tips For Daily Life


tips for daily lifeIn this article we will share some important tips related to your daily life. These tips include many things like kitchen problems, stomach upset, etc. Read more and follow these tips to get a happier day.

  1. To remove chewing gum from clothes, keep them an hour in freezer and then wash. If will come out easily.
  2. Wash your hair with one tablespoon vinegar after shampoo. This will leave your hair shiny and silky.
  3. Apply some soap immediately on the area where mosquito has bitten you. This will set you free with the itching feeling.
  4. Put one drop of detergent in the water if you want to keep the flowers in your vase fresh for long.
  5. If you have horrible dreams at night, then wash your feet with warm water with vinegar in it before going to bed.  This will help you in sound sleep.
  6. Eating a few peanuts will make your breath fresh, if you are facing bad breath after eating garlic or onion.
  7. Vinegar is an amazing tool if you want to get rid of bad smell from your kitchen utensils.
  8. Add some salt in the water while boiling eggs. This will help in quickly peeling them.
  9. Never exercise just after eating your meal, which would put stress on stomach and digestion.
  10. If ulcers catch you after eating something spicy, try to put some salt in your mouth, after a minute spit it without swallowing.

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