Tips to improve relations with opposite sex


Men and women are poles apart. They find their behavior, styles, working, loving too different to match each other, they believe as if they are from different planets.


Men have evolved as hunters and so their basic nature is to be practical, focus on one task at a time, they have to know everything, don’t often ask for advice. While women are more sensitive, they have to talk and know about each and everything and every time because they have evolved as dwellers and home makers.

Here are a few tips which would benefit you in understanding the opposite sex and their behavior.

Nagging is a woman’s integral part

Complaining about each and every bit is in the blood of a girl and Guys can’t just handle nagging. By understanding the basic nature of both the species they should mutually learn to express their feelings and agree to a point where minimal complaints are involved. A simple way out is to fix a time and talk about the problems with solutions.

Tips to improve relations with opposite sex

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Men can listen and understand one thing at a time

According to a study held in Institute of Psychiatry, London it is proved that men’s brain is a single taker when it comes to speech and language where as a Female’s brain is capable of understanding and thinking 5 – 6 thoughts at a time. This is the reason why guys usually say girls talk too much. The best solution is we can always talk on a single topic when boys are involved. This would hold their interest as well as yours.

Give advice when asked

Men have a common problem of offering solutions and advice, whereas women share their problems just to feel light and good inside. This is where most of the people have arguments. Women just need some sympathy for their selves, they know how to solve the problem and when they get advice from men, they feel that men don’t respect their feelings and think they are incapable of doing so. The best way out is just to listen to the whole matter and tell your views without offering solutions.

Tips to improve relations with opposite sex advice

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Be Honest

We all have learnt right from our childhood that honesty is the best policy. Please also use it in your life as well, for a healthy and fair relationship. Be equals, this will surely be useful for a long term bloomy relationship. The best way is to decide boundaries of your behaviour, expectations and accomplishments, work and act accordingly sharing it with your partners.

Understanding this very nature of both the species and incorporating them will lead to a healthier and better life. Use them wisely and use them will you can have a closer and fulfilling life.


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