Tips To Date Women


Tips To Date WomenDo you think that women are hardest to impress? Don’t worry, we have the best tips to date women which will make it really simple for you to impress your girl.

A guy thinks that it’s an herculean task to impress a women and it takes a lot of ┬ácourage to do so… But that’s not all correct. Yes you need skills to impress a woman but its not impossible. By doing small things for her and knowing dating tips you can leave a great impression on her. Let’s see the useful tips to date women.

Useful Tips To Date Women

Make A Great First Impression

First impression does count. It’s really important for a guy to leave a good first impression by dressing well and decent, wearing neat shoes, shaved and groomed properly when you go on the first date. A girl is half flattered by how the guy looks. Therefore don’t miss the ” first impression” part.

Time Factor

Girls hate waiting. Its advisable to reach on time on your date. It would be great if you reach before her and address her when she arrives with a red rose. This will make her feel royal and you would start getting plus points from there on.

Compliment Her

Its a known fact that girls dress for guys and what can be worse if guys do not even notice? Be generous and compliment her on her dressing and her beauty. You could look the blush and happiness on her face.

Useful Tips To Date Women

Discuss Her Interests As Well

Its important to talk about your interests and hobbies but its more important to know her interests as well. This will make her feel like an important person. This will also help you to know her better.


Women loves surprises. She will love when you surprise her with a romantic getaway, dedicate a song, or even a small gift. Its not important to arrange for a grand surprise to make a girl happy, you just need to show her in the sweet little way that you really like her.

Be Polite & Well Behaved

Be polite on your first date because humbleness is one thing that women really looks forward to. Don’t loose temper or use abusive language in front of your girl.

These were small things which will help you to date women, and make your date a success.


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