Tips To Get Fair Complexion Naturally


get fair complexion naturallyWho does not want a naturally fair, flawlessly white skin? Every woman wants to look stunning with a face full of radiance, but applying lot of creams, pancake, and treatments can never be as good as a naturally fair skin. For getting that fair complexion, one has to just take care of what to do and what not to. Here are the Dos and Don’ts to get Naturally Fair Complexion.

Ways to get fair complexion naturally


  • Always protect your skin from direct sun light. It is really important to protect the skin from sun beams and rays as the first impact they put in on the skin is making the skin darker.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables is really important. And here, intake of vegetables means taking it raw as raw veggies has comparatively more nutritional than the cooked one.
  • A little exercise is really important not only for a fit body but also that helps in clearing all the dark spots and dullness on the skin.
  • Apply natural home made masks and packs made out of mud, sandalwood, fruits, dairy products like curd, milk, honey, dry fruits. This adds to the nutritional value on to the skin.  
  • Following skin care regimen is really very essential to get fair touch to the skin. Three important steps .i.e. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising is a must. Also, applying a night cream at night before sleeping should be a must step.
  • Using a good quality bleaching cream will enhance your complexion. There are many bleaching creams available which makes the skin look much fairer than before
  • Adding Vitamin C products in your meal such as Lemon, Orange, Honey, etc are very much beneficial for getting fair skin as Vitamin C acts as a good source of anti-oxidant.

Do's and don'ts for fair complexion


  • Avoiding make up as much as possible is the basic step to get a better skin. Besides this, it is really important to know how much make up is required for what kind of a skin texture.
  • Don’t eat junk. Junk food generally contains excessive oil which makes the skin oily plus filled with other problems of acne and pimples.
  • Always make space for the skin to breathe in. On regular days, applying just a moisturiser without any sort of pancake will make your skin breathe naturally.
  • Do not use bad quality products for the skin whether it is cream, bleach, sun block or anything. Always use a good quality product for the skin.
  • Do not sleep with make up on to the skin at night. Removing the make up and then going for sleep is really very essential.

Therefore, it’s quiet simple and quick to get naturally fair and beautiful skin. Just a need to care about the dos and don’ts of the skin to be followed by every body can make their skin look fairer.


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