To The Girl I Love


to the girli loveI was in a hurry to catch the 8.30 Broadway to central London.  That was the rush office hour and I was struggling to get through the crowd and make it up to the bogie. Somehow I managed to get the   seat; it took me not more than 1 minute to settle down.

Generally people don’t talk in public transports, nor do they pay any special attention to each other.  I suddenly realized that out of all the people wearing formal black and grey coat suits or jackets, someone’s eyes were looking at me: A beautiful Indian newlywed girl. Her refreshing dark brown eyes were full of emotions, as if they were literally speaking.

“Train is approaching the next station Wembley Park” the announcement was made and she got up and stood near the exit doors.  She turned around and gave me a smile and nodded bye. I felt some connection with her that I had never felt before.  The next minute I saw a piece of paper left behind on her seat. I thought she forgot it so I rushed to pick it up and give it back to her.  But weather fortunate or unfortunate she alighted from the train and I couldn’t see her.

My elders have always preached not to read others personal stuff, but for this I couldn’t resist. I opened the paper; it was a letter. I hesitated to read it but couldn’t stop myself from reading it further. It said “to the girl I love”. Here the letter goes-

To the girl I love

Dear Amu, I couldn’t tell you how happy I was to see you after 8 years today.  It seems like yesterday to me when I first saw you, a simple, gorgeous girl who lived next to my house.  I still remember our first meeting; you drenched in the rains and caught in mud because of pre-monsoon showers. The moment I saw you, I knew that you were the one I was looking for. I can still hear your musical voice asking for help.

We got to know each other well and your companionship started to change my normal life into a magical statuesque world. You were perfect, did everything anyone could do for one. I am so sorry that I broke your heart. I shouldn’t have left you for my ego, for my imaginary life or dreams.

Today when I know your value it’s too late. You are married. You were my only treasure and I couldn’t hold on to that. I have lost the most precious gem I have ever had and I can’t have you back.

I may marry someone one day but this I can say that I have had me share of love from you.  You will always be the love of my life. You will always be the girl I love and nothing will change this. I know we will not meet now and I wanted to tell you how I feel, so  here I am telling my fate to the one who is not in it, no matter how much I want you to be.

I am sorry angel for hurting you and not giving you what you deserved.

Always yours, Vishnu

“The train is approaching Bridge station “ was announced and I suddenly realized I was here again, In the present and real world. I got off the train and continued with my schedule.

I kept thinking what would have been if they were together now? Is she really happy without him? Is she the same girl who she was back then?  Only one answer came to my head that was they were never destined to be together. Some love stories just perfect yet have a sad ending.


Story by- Ishita

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