Top 4 Exercises To Lose Weight


exercise to lose weight fastAre you tired of  experimenting with new and different exercises and diet plans ? Here are the best 4 exercises to lose weight fast. Exercise is a must for all of us and the amount of weight you lose depends upon the exercise you select. You should always select exercises which helps you in getting rid of excess body fats.

4 Best Exercises To Lose Weight


Swimming tones your overall body. One can lose up to 700 calories by swimming for 60 minutes everyday. This is considered as the best exercise as it works on the whole body, muscles, and removes excess fats.


Bicycling is the best exercise for losing weight fast. You can easily end up burning good amount of calories by cycling. You can opt for the traditional cycling method and cover up to 10 =15 kms or you can adapt to the latest gym cycles which gives you the flexibility to listen to music, watch TV while cycling. This also helps you to build strength.


jogging for weight loose

Running or jogging for half an hour daily helps a lot in losing weight. This builds up your stamina and keeps you fit. You can burn up to 400- 700 calories everyday while jogging.

Step Aerobics

Aerobics focuses on the most difficult areas to lose fats from like your legs, hips, abs. You can achieve great results in just two weeks if you continue aerobics daily for one hour.

These were simple and common exercises with which you can burn calories and excess body fats and make yourself look slim and in figure.


Post by- Ishita

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