Top 4 Reasons For Hot Flashes


reason for hot flashesHot flashes are experienced in women usually at the time of menopause, but these days young women also complaint about the same. Here are some top reasons for hot flashes in young and middle aged women. Some of the symptoms of hot flashes among women are anxiety, sweating, stress, nervousness, etc.

Reasons For Hot Flashes Among Women

Panic Attacks

This is one of the major reason for hot flashes as a panic attack can happen because of heat waves, stress which leads to increase heart rate.

Infections or Illness

Illness and infections can be another reason for hot flashes. Diseases like tuberculosis, endocarditis and osteomyelitis produces heat in your body which causes hot waves and flashes.


Consuming alcohol and eating a lot of hot pepper can also cause hot flashes. Some of the medications like anti depression, anti anxiety can also cause hot flashes.


Mostly hot flashes are witnessed at the time of menopause or pre menopause. This is because the hormonal changes which occur in your body at that time.  This can be also caused by the decreased level of estrogen in your body.

These were some of the reasons for hot flashes also called as hot flushes in some countries. The duration of hot flashes vary from women to women and their life style and eating habits. None of the type of hot flashes are permanent, only their duration may vary.


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