Top 5 Honeymoon Places In India


Honeymoon is a time to cherish for life for every couple.  Here are the top 5 honeymoon places in India where you could start knowing and sharing your life together.

Two different persons are starting their life together with the honeymoon. The place you choose for honeymoon is the most important aspect that can help you for the memorable honeymoon. Some people blindly believe that going to abroad is the only best option for honeymoon. But this is absolutely wrong prediction. India is equally beautiful. There are many romantic places in India.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in India

Agra- Taj Mahal

honeymoon places in india

It is suggested to be the best place for honeymoon just because it is the sign of pure love. That is why it is a must watch for all the true lovers. It is listed as a UNESCO world heritage building. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world. 20,000 workers were working for 22,000 years to make this world famous architectural marvel. What makes Taj Mahal such a romantic place is the story behind it. Mughal emperor Shah Jahan made it out of eternal love for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who unfortunately died during child birth. Her body is inside the monument together with the emperor. You can select the hotel which has Taj Mahal view from the window.

Karnataka- Coorg 

This is again one of  the best place for honeymoon in India. This location is highly photogenic. New couple can capture all their memories. It has awesome climate. This area is renowned for its coffee plantations. Its stunning scenic beauty is captivating. You will get madly in love with its beauty. Foodies and coffee lovers can have a treat here. Food is generally the important part in any kind of vacation. We feel good if we get good food or else we keep missing our home food. Just imagine how romantic it would be if you wake up late in bed with the love of your life with the fragrant aroma of coffee. You can also enjoy multi cuisines throughout the day. The whole time you can be with your love enjoying each other’s company and delicious food as well. What more do you need in a honeymoon. Try to stay right among the coffee plantations.

 Rajasthan- Jaisalmer

The beautiful city of Jaisalmer is  famous for its fort. It is referred as an Arabian nights fable. This city raises magically from the sand dunes of the Rajasthan desert. Its ancient fort built in 1156 is located high overlooking the city. It is a romantic point . You both can enjoy camel ride together. Safaris sleeping out under stars and quality time spent in desert watching the sunset on the sand dunes is enough to inspire romance.


honeymoon destinations in india


It is a very beautiful place in India best suited for honeymoon. Staying in a houseboat on a lake along the Kerala backwaters make you feel excellent and highly romantic, something out of the world. This is all the way from Kochi to Trivendrum. You can hire the houseboat mean during along the backwaters and sleeping somewhere middle in the lake.


Summer capital of the British raj when they were ruling India that is Shimla is one of the best options for honeymoon in India. It is a cool and charming town. It contains Oak and Pine forests. If possible book special Shivalik queen compartment for a memorable honeymoon. The Kalka – Shimla train is the perfect picture of romance as it slowly winds its way through the misty mountains and thick pink forests. The fresh romantic air is so enlivening and the scenery will take you to a world far away from all your worries and romance will come naturally.

Honeymoon is a very important aspect after marriage. The new couple start the new phase of their life after marriage. They get to know each other well after marriage. Couple need to spend quality time with each other in the honeymoon. Honeymoon time is really very special and precious and to make it memorable throughout the life couple should plan it well.

Post by- Anshu Mundada

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