Top 5 Makeup Tips


base makeupLoving yourself is an important part of being happy. And, one of the best ways of loving yourself is taking care of you.  Indulging in some amount of makeup to enhance our looks makes us feel confident.

That does not mean being a plastic doll or paint yourself, but using the right make up, suitable to the occasion, can make many heads turn and leave you feel wonderful and confident about you.

When I talk of using make up, I would like to emphasize that it has to be the ‘right’ make up- the ‘right’ amount and applying it the ‘right’ way is important.

Here are few make up tips and tricks to enhance your everyday look that you could carry to your college, to your work-place or wear it for a casual evening with friends, or even on a romantic date.

Use of base makeup-

For a fresh and natural look, go for a tinted moisturizer. However, if you wish to apply foundation, choose the right tone matching with your complexion. Apply it in dots all over the face and blend well. Use a concealer to cover any blemishes. Set the foundation by applying loose translucent powder with a large brush.

Define your eyes

Eyes are the most attention catching part of your face, thus doing the right makeup is really important when it comes to eyes. Apply the blush and smudge it properly. It should be blended well with using some kajal. You have an option among variety of colors available in the market. Use colors like blue, grey, black, and these colors give depth to your eyes. Give a finishing touch by applying mascara.

eye makeup

Make your lips kissable-

Using a lip gloss of light shades is totally inn. You can apply lip gloss or use lipsticks in pastel shades. Always apply the lipstick with a brush and blend well. For giving it a matte look, wipe off extra color with a tissue.


Finishing touches

At this step you should be giving the finishing touches to your makeup. Like; complete your lipstick or gloss with a similar darker shade matching to your gloss with a lip liner. This gives your lips a definite area. For the eyebrows, use a pencil and slightly do touch-ups, highlighting the arch.

makeup tips

Your hair-do

Your makeup is looks incomplete without a suitable hair style. It’s really important for your hairstyle to match with the occasion you are going. If you are going to a party, then probable a French knot is suitable where as if you are going at office or college then something casual like open or loose tied hair would be perfect. You can also go for trendy braids like the fishtail braid.

Using these 5 tips of makeup you can flaunt your new look among your friends or family. Do not forget to wear your smile and ooze confidence.

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