Travel Checklist For Going Abroad


Travel Checklist For Going AbroadHave you booked an abroad vacation and packing your bags to enjoy? Here are some important points or checklist you should ensure you have done while travelling abroad.

Travel Checklist

Travel Insurance

Make sure that you have travel insurance. You can opt for different types of travel insurances as per your need and demand.

Travel Documents

You should be really particular about checking your travel documents at least  twice. Mark that you have originals and photocopies of Passport, Photo identity, Visa, Hotel bookings, flight tickets, and any other document.

Flight Status

Flight status should be checked in every 3 – 4 hours. You should have saved your flight details and number on your mobile so that it gets handy to you.

Foreign Currency

It is advisable to carry some foreign currency at the time when you arrive at the country you are visiting. It gives you ease with the mode of payment. Also break the big notes to small ones like 50 , 500 and 1000 so that you don’t need to argue of run for change with the Taxi.

Hotel Reservations & Transports

Double check with the hotel about your stay and pick up and drop facility available. This also confirms your booking.


Always carry your regular medicines which you can need at anytime of your stay. Don’t depend on the foreign country for medicines as the companies and names are different. You can also face language problems for the same.


Check your baggage weight and the goods allowed in transit. The rules for weight ans carry differ from country to country thus log on the the government website and find out.

Weather Conditions

check for the weather conditions of the country you are going to visit and pack accordingly. Carry an umbrella, a jacket in reserve if needed in case.

These was a small checklist for those who are planning to travel abroad. Ensure everything done out of this and always be mentally prepared for any crunch you may face.

Happy Journey.


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