Value Of Relationships


value of relationshipsThe moment we enter this world, we get connected to many relations. Till the end of our life we carry them with us. If we maintain them beautifully near our heart; we can really enjoy them. But if we think of them as the burden or take it as a responsibility then we can never feel its beauty.

There are many relationships; the greatest of all is one of mother and child because they both are connected to each other even before the baby enters the world. A mother can feel her baby’s every movement in her womb. This relationship is considered as the purest in the world. The other is of husband-wife, father-daughter, siblings etc. All these are blood relations but there is one more relation not by birth but chosen by us, that is of friends which are more valued these days.

Husband and wife are like two legs of a person. If one of them goes ahead, the other doesn’t feel insulted and the one who is ahead doesn’t feel proud. Both of them know that the very next moment this will change. The best in a relationship is when you love someone more than yourself. You care for him more than yourself.

In today’s fast and hectic schedule, we are too busy to find time for our beloved ones. We just run behind materialistic achievements. We communicate more on Facebook or mobile and have no time for face to face contact. Parents should talk to their kids more often, share their daily chores. Just a simple question like “How was your day?” makes a big difference. We should value our relations. Kids need parent’s time & attention the most.

In Husband-Wife relationship, just a tender touch is enough. There was an old couple. Whenever the lady used to make coffee, she gave the coffee bottle to her husband. Then he opened the cap and gave it back. One day somebody asked her why she did not ever try to open the cap herself. It was not that tight. Her reply was the most touching answer. She said that it’s not that she was not able to open the bottle. What she wanted was to make her beloved husband feel that he was stronger than her and she would always need him even for such a simple thing like making coffee. This is the beauty of any relationship. How you care for the other person’s feelings and try to make the feel needed and important.

Faith is another important factor in any kind of relationship. You should have faith like a child when you throw him up; he laughs. He is not at all worried of falling down because he has 100% faith in you. He believes that you will catch him for sure. Can we adults have such faith in anybody? We should give it a thought. Another example of this is of a father and daughter. A plane was flying when suddenly was some problem, all the passengers were worried and started praying to God believing it’s the last day of their life. Only one girl was sitting very calm reading a book without any worry. Somebody asked her if she did not have fear for death. She replied, “not at all because the pilot is my father and I am sure he will do anything to save my life. So why should I waste my time worrying”. This is what faith in a relation is.

Always remember, you do not become rich with bundles of notes in your hand. You become rich with the relations you maintain. Never see how many hands clap for you in god times, see how many hands come to wipe your tears in bad times.

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