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Vasota trek is one of the best trekking sport near Pune. Vasota trekking is fascinating because of Koyna backwater. Now first we will look at some information about Vasota fort and near by spots to visit.


Vasota Trek Near Pune

Vasota Trek Near Pune 



Fort Name: Vasota or Vyaghragad

How to reach Vasota fort from Pune or Mumbai: For Mumbai trekkers do come to Pune first. From Pune you can take Satara bus or take NH4 till Satara. You can also reach there by rail. From Satara take bus to Bamnoli about 35 km. This road passes through few very beautiful places e.g. Kaas plateau (World heritage site for flowers), Thoseghar waterfall (only in Monsoon), windmills and tapola (water sports). From Bamnoli you can only reach base village of Vasota by boat as Vasota is surrounded by Koyna dam water.

You can also reach Vasota from Chorvane village,Konkan and climb to Nageshwar cave. This route does not have any boat ride or need any forest permission until and unless you are going back by same way.


Vasota Trek - Nageshwar Cave

Vasota Trek – Nageshwar Cave 



Forest permissions: You can take forest entrance permission from Bamnoli to enter Vasota. It takes hardly half an hour to take the permission. You also have to book boat hear which charges around Rs 200-400/- per head both ways. Boat man will ask you your return timing and will come at same time to pick you up. This boat will take you to

Base village of Vasota trek: Met- Indavali.

Car parking and stay available at Bamnoli at about Rs 25 and Rs 100-200 respectively.


Vasota Trek Route

Vasota Trek Route 


Stay is not allowed after Bamnoli in forest area. Forest officials do rounds and if you get caught staying then may god help you.

Vasota Trek duration : About 6-9 kms from Met-Indavali , approx 4-5 hours to top. Same time will be needed from Chorvane. Both Nageshwar cave and Vasota fort can be covered in one day if you have good stamina else two day trek is preferred. This is easy trek with no difficult patches. You can also see Babu kada which is part of old Vasota from top of fort. This fort is inaccessible in Monsoon season.

Best time to Visit: Oct – Feb


Vasota Trek Base Village

Vasota Trek Base Village 


Tips to complete both treks in one day:

1. Do reach Bamnoli at evening before trek

2. If possible take permission and book boat this day only which will save time.

3. Take ample water (about 3-5 liters of water per head)

4. Do not go away from trek route as few accidents have happened before.

5. Be careful while swimming in Koyna dam water.

6. Do not litter in the forest area or water as it is at its best from here.


Vasota Trek Boat Ride

Vasota Trek Boat Ride 


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