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Weight is a big issue for every individual on this planet. Whether a man or a woman, everybody wants to eat of their choices and remain fit and healthy. And not only of their choices but also as much as they want. In our country, the proportions of slim people are very less as compared to other countries, and not only slim but also with the proportion of being healthy because every slim person cannot be categorized as healthy or fit. But, it is pretty better than being an obese. That leads to many hazardous health issues.

Therefore, the quantity of ghee, butter, or other oils and fats used in our Indian food is comparatively very high and rich to that of other countries. But, the amount of exercise and recreation we all do after eating all of that is on the lower count. That is majorly cause the amount of substance we eat in quantity and quality is comparatively lower than how much we exercise and burn all the fats and extra oil from the body. So, for equalizing both the things, everybody should need to think about how to eat and what to eat, basically.

It is not that one should stop taking tasty food but the need is to eat according to the weight and maintaining the low fat rate in the body. Here are some of the food meals which a person should certainly add on to their platter of meal to reduce and maintain a fit and healthy weight and metabolism:

Greek Salad:

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This Salad is known, one of the healthiest salads in the world as it contains all the health factors like fibers, vitamins and minerals. This Mediterranean delicacy is healthy plus is a major source of dealing with the weight issues. It combines of veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, feta cheese, lemon juice, oregano, olive oil, black olives, iceberg lettuce which makes it a complete package of healthy and balanced salad.

Adding this salad in your weekly diet, whether in the afternoon lunch hour or one bowl in the evening time will do wonders to your balance diet and weight.

*TIP: Fruits and vegetables, like broccoli and boiled green veggies served with the lunch meal, are called salads. They can stand alone as meal on their own.

Multigrain Food:

Including Multigrain food in the diet helps not only in controlling weight gain but also life taking health problems like Blood Pressure, heart problems, depression and etc. Basically, Multigrain food is a combination of fibers, protein, anti-oxidants, and calcium which enables and opens the body to breathe and relax. There are a lot of recipes made for lunch/brunch/tea snacks from multigrain like wheat flour, plain flour, rice flour, oats, ragi, soya granules, etc. to make the food platter extra nutritious.

For example, Making a multigrain pizza base for pizza instead of making a plain flour pizza base, or instead of having plain wheat chapatti, have a multigrain chapatti every alternate day in your meal to add that extra fiber and nutrition in your body.

Excluding Non-Veg:

In America, 45% of the people have turned up to have a “Meatless Meal”, because intake of meat (esp red meat) increases the chances of getting obese and increment in the body weight gradually. Also, the chances of Heart diseases and obesity are the most in people who are non-vegetarians.

That is why; the consumption of meat should be replaced by soya or paneer.

weight loose meals

Booster Food Products:

Generally, booster means to give a kick of energy to something. In food language, booster means to add a sudden energy to your meal. The boost products are the products which if added to the meal, they become one of the best ways to gear you up at the same time which increases your metabolism and health rate. Some of the boost products are Pomegranate, guava, almonds, honey, curd, strawberries, beet root, oranges, broccoli, etc.

These food items are tasteful, healthy yet are good source of fibers and minerals which helps in providing nutrients in the body. Plus, intake of one of these in your meal instead of junk and oily food helps in balancing the body weight.

Other Food Factors which cause Obesity and Increment in Body Weight:

* Eating Food in speed and then eating less water. Therefore, one should not eat food impulsively and should drink adequate amount of water.

* Not eating Food on time. Therefore, it is really important to pre-decide the food time and eat uniformly on those timings.

* To eat for the tongue and not for stomach. Hence, it is really important to eat what is healthy and not which you like.

* Eating junk food regularly and not exercising then.

* Consumption of alcohol with your meal.Hence, it should be minimal or occasional only.


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