What is design document


What is design document ? Design document means to document your design ideas and strategies in detail. This means to explain the user of your design about your design process and your decisions.

A good design document contains strong words, lot of images and graphs to explain and unique plan of action.

How to write a design documentation?

Who is the audience- Always remember that the audience are the most important people for whom you write a design document. Audience for a design document may vary like, manager, designers, guests etc. Fix your audience and start writing with their perspective.

What to write in a design document?

To write a design document you should keep in mind even the smallest detail like page number, title or subtitle etc. A good design document had the following sections in it. A descriptive title, a separate title page, last edited date and time, comments section after editing, table of contents, pane numbers, block diagrams, pictures, a predefined  font and text size.

What techniques should be used to write?

Writing techniques for a design documentation should be predefined. You should keep in mind that you will not be present when the reader reads it. Write your documentation knowing the FAQ’s of your reader. Also documentation should be written in a way which explains its purpose without confusing the readers.

How to end your documentation?

A good design document should cover all the aspects of a project. Once you are done writing the content mention credits and bibliography to end the document.

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