What is Nail Art?


Nail art is practice of decorating fingernails by painting, sticking little decoratives and stickers, stamping with colors and is a fun way to brighten up your daily look or accessorize occasional outfits. Nail art designs  can be from very simple to very stylish. You can do flower nail art design on your nails or write your favorite stars name. While complex nail art designs are best left to professionals, easy nail art designs can be done at home.

For successful nail art designs you must:

  • Have clean and well shaped finger nails
  • Neatly trimmed and filed fingernails
  • Good quality nail polish



If you do not have good finger nails you can go for artificial acrylic nails to showcase your style. Basically nail art is all about showing your style, attitude and image.

You can start nail art designing by

  • Apply neutral base coat
  • Draw various designs with brush or toothpick
  • You can also use cotton

Make sure you remove the nail paint from other parts of finger by nail polish remover. Make sure you are fast as nail polish dries very quickly. You can also add protective transparent layers of nail polish over nail art.



You can use following things in nail art design

  • Nail-polish base
  • Other nail polish colors
  • Small stickers
  • Sparkles
  • Small glass stickers

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