What Women Want In Men?


What Women Want In MenWhat women want in men??? EVERYTHING!!!  It is the simplest answer for this question. It is just a part of joke. But this question can differ actually like what women want in men-physically or mentally or financially or legally etc…

Here are the few things that every woman wants in her man.

Love & Care

Women are pretty emotional and sensitive. They need love from their partners. Just few words spoken with love and care make them feel on top of the world. They are ready for anything then. Women also want their men to be extra caring. If men do not care or fail to show their care and love women may feel insecure and become very emotional and they may cry at times.


Women want their partners to be honest in every way. He should be totally devoted towards her. He should always give her honest opinions and comments. Men should learn the art of appreciating and should always give compliments. It makes woman feel great. Women get hurt very easily.

Surety & Security

Every man should be physically fit so that he can protect his woman in the life. If sometimes she finds herself in trouble he is expected to save her from that situation and prove to be the hero of her life. He should be financially good also so that he can give his family the luxurious life. Women always want to feel secured. Insecurity kills them.


Men should have some goals in their life and they should have enough courage to make them come true. Women do not like coward and lazy people. Every woman wants her man to support her in every good or bad phase of life, especially the bad ones. He should show in front of the family and friends that he trusts, loves and cares for her. He should support her in the things she does like household chores or her job.

What Women Want


Time is again the most important thing in any kind of relationship. This is where most of the men fail probably. Women always want their men to be able to give them quality time. If they cannot then women become frustrated and aggressive and keep shouting at men. Women need change also. They want their men to take them out for a drive, dinner, movies, shopping, etc. Even a romantic tour is expected. Women also like surprises, gifts on occasions. Women always want romantic partners.


Women love shopping. They just cannot resist it. So they want their men to let them do it without being bothered. What women want in men? It again differs from woman to woman. Few ladies like sober guys and few like the macho and the stylish ones. It differs from person to person. Women even think about men keeping or not keeping moustaches and beard. Crazy it is. They should be given their space as well.

Humor & Sensitivity

The ideal dream of every woman about her partner is he should be tall-dark-handsome, rich with a good sense of humor. Women expect intelligence, a good voice tone, sometimes pricey possessions, dancing skills, etc. He should possess high end cars and should be a good driver too to get her along for long drives. He should love kids and know how to take proper care of them. He should be able to tackle them as well.

So in short women want honesty, intelligence, nice smile, sense of humor, manners, sensitivity, sincerity, money, love, care, patience, affection, etc… in her man. I guess the list is never-ending, but if you really wish to please your woman then these were the key points about what women wants in men.


Post by- Anshu Mundada

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