Work Life Balance — Decide your priorities for Life


Work-life balance is a broad concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) on one hand and “life” (pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development) on the other. Related, though broader, terms include “lifestyle balance” and “life balance”.

We all know that Life is Just. Its so true and even if we know that we yet do not live it.90% people fail to see all the dimensions of life and 9%  even fail to explore found dimensions.All this does not start from your first job on the day but from first day of your life.

Few of life’s dimensions that I explored are:

1. Friends (Chatting, Outing, Gathering, Sports, Extra curricular, Clubs, Social networking, movies, adventures, treks, college activities, dining, Organizing, celebrations)

2. Family (Get-to-gathers, functions, birthday celebrations, trips, discussions, guidance, spending quality time, helping in crisis, dining, holy doings,celebrations)

3. Personal (Exercise, Swimming, Trekking, Adventurous activities, Music of all types, Reading all types, Net surfing, Biking, dining, writing, cooking, Gardening)

4. Professional (Coordinating, Chatting, Mentoring, Learning, Blogging, Organizing, movies, outings, discussions, Travelling, Celebrations, sports)

If you can explore all dimensions then the stress factors will get converted into relaxing factors.

Most people fail to counter attack stress at various levels mentioned above.

There is no perfect answer for this tough but by exploring dimensions you will be able to face it easily. Like driving in city like Pune is stressful but by avoiding traffic hours and with flexible working hours you can negotiate with it. Even living very close to your work gives you ample time to counter work stress.

I really hope that you would be having your own methods to counter stress and achieve work life balance. You surely can enrich this blog by posting your valuable comments.

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