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This Qikkwit describes ClickOnce deployment technology which enables self-updating applications installed from a variety of media and with minimal user interaction.

 ClickOnce application can be deployed from:

  1. Website
  2. FileShare
  3. CD ROM

These applications can be either

  1. Windows Applications
  2. Navigation apps or
  3. XBAP applications


 Various features of ClickOnce applications are

  1.  No dependency on or sharing of any component with any other software on the machine
  2. Windows and Navigation apps require Full Trust to be installed via ClickOnce
  3. XBAP and online apps run by default in local intranet security zone if run from share or Internet Security Zone
  4. For WPF apps ClickOnce is preferred technology.

You can publish your application by going to project -> properties -> publish tab.

Publishing path can be

  1. File path
  2. a network share
  3. Local Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) folder
  4. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  5. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) address

You can configure application to run either

  1. Online only mode: Application is never installed on client machine and we can make sure that client always gets latest application from server when client runs the app.
  2. Online- Offline mode: Application is copied to client machine and added to add/remove programs and start menu.

You can make ClickOnce deployed application to check updates for themselves. You can do it by Clicking Update in Publish Properties window and select checkbox specifying Application should check for updates.

Developers can configure application to check update

  1. Before start of application
  2. After start of application
  3. Everytime or With periodic interval
  4. Check updates in various locations
  5. Manual update by user  : You have to write code in program using ApplicationDeployment class.

Application settings as well as any custom config files will be replaced. User settings won’t be as they are stored in different place. You can also sign the assembly using certificate.

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