WPF Data Binding Tutorial and Sample


Windows presentation foundation (WPF) data binding provides developers with easy and consistent mechanism to interact and present information and data. This WPF data binding tutorial will help you separate UI and Business logic layer.

WPF data binding is based on change notification support provided by WPF infrastructure in form of Dependency Properties, INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged. Basically binding is done between two entities source property and target property. If both target and source do provide change notification and settings are done properly then change in any will result change in other property. Base of data binding process is Binding class.

Generally target property is dependency property of WPF element. E.g. Content of Label. Source can be a XML attribute, property of user defined object or WPF element. E.g. You can bind label content to Text box text in the same window. Binding class provided all necessary means to set source object and property name to which target will bind. It also gives way to deal if source is null.

Following image will clarify WPF data binding basics. In next tutotial we will also looks various modes with which we can made this data binding.



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